Monday, 8 May 2017

Emmaline Bags Retreat Bag Free Sewing Pattern

Ever since making the small version of this makeup bag I've been obsessed!! So far I have made two and have lots more fabric combinations in mind!

For those of you who haven't seen this bag pattern, it's a free download avaliable here: Retreat Bag PDF . 

It's really easy to follow and the small bag only requires 2 fat quarters. One for the outer fabric and one for the inner. Fusible fleece or foam stabilizer is recommended as it gives it strength.
There are 2 sizes and it comes with directions for optional wire frames which are amazing and make it really easy to see what's in the bottom of the bag. These can be purchased from but if you're in the UK like me I get mine from 
Version A is for the small bag and version B is for the larger bag.

I haven't made the large version however that is next on my list!!

Happy Sewing!! xx

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