Sunday, 19 February 2017

My first post here on Adele's Sewing Corner!

Ok, so here goes.....

I've been sewing for almost a year now (excluding when I was at school). I have gone from only just being able to sew a straight line, to creating full size quilts, dresses for myself and lots of gifts and home items for people I care about. Teaching myself step by step with the trusty help from You Tube videos, sewing magazines, books and cheering on the contestants in the Great British Sewing Bee.

My first ever quilt. Jelly roll strips went from this....

To this....

I thought I'd begin this blog as a way of giving back and sharing what I've learnt along my sewing journey. Sprinkle some tips and tricks I've picked up and how to make some of the lovely makes I've sewn.

When I first un-boxed my sewing machine, the idea of making something such as a full size quilt, a wash bag or a purse seemed way to complicated but now through my research I've discovered the way best for me.

Sewing for me is not only a hobby, it's more than that it's my haven. I truly enjoy every second. Although ask me that when I've just unpicked a seam only to discover that it was in-fact correct the way it was!! or when I've been sewing for miles with no thread in the bobbin!!

The one tip I would give for first time sewers is you don't need every gadget straight away. As you discover your sewing style you'll find some methods are much more suited.

Pop back soon!

Adele x